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VOA Season 01 is VOA’s first collection of art pieces in the form of eyewear that comprises a limited run of four individuated designs, each named for a moon of Jupiter, that embodies growth and expansion: Eurydome, Thebe, Themisto and Lysithea. 


From an apparent chaos, the Season 01 collection plays with aggregate formations of geometrically discordant shapes and creates a new kind of wearable harmony. All the pieces of the collection are wrought in Japanese pure titanium and plated with 24-karat gold.

All four models of the Collection are available in 3 different colors of lenses (dark blue, marine blue and light purple) in a very limited batch via VOA Collective’s website and on selected boutiques around the world.

Join VOA Collective and experience the highest level of indulgence in contemporary eyewear. Liberate yourself and shop our Season 01 Collection, now available for pre-order with worldwide express shipping.

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